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Brody Jenner Got Kicked Out Of Hotel For Behavior He Can't Delete

He's really trying to top his Kardashian-Jenner sisters.

Brody Jenner is really on a rampage right now. To begin, he's been fighting the Internet about his right to declare “All Lives Matter.” He certainly does have the right to do that, and everyone else has the right to tell him he's a buttface. Something he doesn’t have the right to do, however, is trespass.

TMZ has a video of Jenner completely losing it at a fancy hotel in Orange County. Jenner was allegedly in a rage because some of his personal belongings ended up in a manager’s office and he couldn’t reach them. He freaked out the hotel employee he spoke with so bad that they called security and got Jenner booted.

The OC Sheriff’s department was called and some officers came and talked Jenner down. He eventually left.

The next step is getting kicked out of a Denny’s or Qdobo. Then Brody will have truly arrived as entertaining reality show fodder.

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