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Buff Fitness Model Clapped Back At A Troll Who Said She Wasn't "Feminine"

Move over, six-pack shamers.

Move over fat shamers, we now have six-pack shamers. A woman in amazing shape is firing back at online bullies who called her "disgusting" for having a toned, ripped body.

Fitness buff Chloey Madeley took to Instagram to blast a hater who called her body not "feminine." "What's disgusting is not my body, or any human body for that matter," she says. "My character is warm and compassionate and supportive of all, especially women." The 28-year-old fitness model is a television personality and journalist in England. She is often the target for online trolls.


Chloe then posted a photo of her amazing abs--unairbrushed. Strong is sexy and feminine.

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