Caitlyn Jenner Accepted The Invitation To Donald Trump's Inauguration

Even though Trump is actively working on taking away her rights...

Stories about Donald Trump failing to secure big-name celebrities for his inauguration (and his butt-hurt reaction to that failure) have been circulating for a while now. But Trump seems to have landed himself at least one ally amongst the Glitterati: Caitlyn Jenner.

According to Us Weekly, Jenner has accepted an invitation extended by the Trump team to appear at the January 20th festivities.

On the one hand: this isn't surprising it all. Jenner has publicly paraded her Republicanism for a while now, even after her transition. "It was easy to come out as trans, it was harder to come out as a Republican," she said in the past.

On other hand: it's at least a little bit surprising considering Trump and his Vice President-elect Mike Pence are actively working on taking away rights from both women and LGBTQ people, including Jenner herself.

The cognitive dissonance is strong with this one.

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