Caitlyn Jenner Apologizes For Saying Trans Women Shouldn't Look Like "A Man In A Dress"

She's workin' on it.

By Eric Shorey

It seems like every statement Caitlyn Jenner makes is met with backlash, from both within and without the LGBT community. Despite the fact that her television show openly potrays her struggling with the nuances of her identity, Caitlyn continues to make missteps and continues to apologize. "I guess it's true that there are some things that I have not gotten right," she wrote just yesterday in an article written for WhoSay. "Sometimes this is because I'm still finding out about the issues. Sometimes this is because something that is true for me isn't true for other people in our community. And sometimes I've said things that just come out the wrong way."

Her latest apology was written to address a controversial statement she made in a TIME interview. "I think it's much easier for a trans woman or a trans man who authentically kind of looks and plays the role," she told TIME. "So what I call my presentation. I try to take that seriously. I think it puts people at ease. If you're out there and, to be honest with you, if you look like a man in a dress, it makes people uncomfortable. So the first thing I can do is try to present myself well. I want to dress well. I want to look good. When I go out, as Kim says, you've got to rock it because the paparazzi will be there."

These comments certainly didn't sit well with many activists and transgender voices on the internet, who went on to suggest that Caitlyn's viewpoint was inherently transphobic and displayed a lack of knowledge about the vast array of issues that gender-non-conforming individuals face.

Hearing these criticisms, Caitlyn began to rethink her position. "I think I caused a lot of hurt with this comment, and I'm truly sorry," she wrote.

"I am guessing this is probably not the last time I will say the wrong thing, or say something the wrong way," she utlimately concluded. "I promise to keep learning, and to try to be more articulate in the future. We have a lot of hard work to do. I am looking forward to doing it together."

You can read her response in full over here.

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