Caitlyn's Show Got Canceled, And Kris Jenner Allegedly Didn't Help

According to sources, Caitlyn's pretty pissed about it.

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

After two seasons, I Am Cait was cancelled, and according to reports, Caitlyn Jenner is feeling some type of way about it.

According to the ever-reliable...ahem...Radar Online, Caitlyn thinks her ex Kris - and her girls - should have fought for her show to stay on the air.

"Caitlyn felt they could have gone to E! and said, 'It's all of us or nobody,' but they didn't raise a finger to help. Kris and her girls didn't fight for her," a source close to the family told Radar, adding that Caitlyn felt abandoned by her family.

"They are finished with Caitlyn, too," the "insider" revealed. “They feel she has squeezed as much fame as she can riding their coattails. They are tired of keeping her relevant."

But then here's where things get weird - the source then goes on to claim that the Kardashians were actually behind Cait's show getting cancelled in the first place because they told TV execs that it was "her or us."

"Their thought is, 'Good luck without our help,'" the insider continued. "'She wants to be famous and wants to do it on own? Then go ahead.'"

Fact or fiction? Who knows. As with most "insider" sources, take this one with a grain of salt.

[Photo: Getty Images]


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