Calm Down Racists, Kanye Isn't Doing A David Bowie Tribute Album

Kanye covers of Bowie would have been dope AF.

By Eric Shorey

It didn't take long for Kanye West to invoke the ire of David Bowie enthusiasts after the The Daily Star ran a rumor about the possibility of a future Yeezy tribute album to the late cosmic prince Ziggy Stardust. Shortly after the news had reached peak virality, a petition hoping to stop the creation of the cover tracks quickly garnered over 12,000 signatures.

The speculation does make some amount of sense, considering the condolences Kanye expressed over Twitter after news of Bowie's death broke:


The rumored music supposedly would have been a mix of "straightforward cover versions with Kanye actually singing. On others [Kanye] is rapping with his own lyrics over Bowie's music." Sites went on to claim, that Kanye "is determined to carry on David's work as a musical innovator. He says that the torch has been passed to him." 

The angry, yet shockingly pithy petition to stop said venture simply reads: "David Bowie was one of the single most important musicians of the 20th and 21st century, it would be a sacrilege to let it be ruined by Kanye West."

Of course, it hardly mattered that Ye was never actually planning this at all. TMZ reached out to Kanye's reps who declared that the rumors were BS from the start and that "the rapper is still hard at work on an album ... of his own material."

Look, I don't claim to know the intentions or feelings of those who signed the petition to stop Kanye, nor do I know if they actually thought signing the petition would have any effect on Kanye's eventual musical outputs (it obviously wouldn't have). What does seem obvious here is that if this were a different artist, let's say a white one, this reaction probably wouldn't have ever happened. Sure, Kanye can be an infuriating narcissist, but to think that the level of self-righteous anger he invokes as an artist isn't even slightly tinged by racism is to be ignorant in 2016. Considering Bowie's record of anti-racism, this response seems even more hypocritical.

Besides, Kanye covers of Bowie would have been dope AF. Let's hope all the hate inspires him to create this album simply out of spite.

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