Calvin Klein Said He Would Dress Melania Trump

With Donald Trump terrifying us all with his imminent move to the White House, folks are asking the least pressing questions possible about his presidency. For instance, what fashion designers will dress his wife, Melania Trump? If you’re a successful fashion designer who has publicly refused to wrap a measuring tape around the First Lady-elect, that’s an admirable stance. Also a surprising one. You don’t have to be morally bankrupt to work in fashion, but you definitely have to be committed to style over substance. I wouldn’t have expected most designers to care either way who they’re dressing, but some think associating with Melania is not only bad for their brand, but bad for society. For example Christian Siriano, who told Bustle last week that Trump’s cabinet of LGBT hating creeps are a real turnoff. He says, “It’s very hard to support people that don’t support you.”

You know who doesn’t give two sh*ts? Calvin Klein. TMZ shared a video of the designer laughing at the question, “You're the epitomy of an American designer. If you got the call from Melania Trump, would you design for her?” and responding, “Yes, of course I would,” before dismissing the paparazzi’s questions.

I totally believe it. I’ve always thought that Calvin Klein’s underwear is definitely not designed by someone who supports women, at least boob-wise. He and Trump actually have a lot in common.

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