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Campuses Are Giving Students Puppies To Help Deal With Donald Trump

Still stressed over the election? Puppy therapy helps you cope.

Much of the country is trying to cope in the aftermath of the presidential election. Millions are still figuring out how to deal with feelings of anger, hurt and confusion following the win of Donald Trump. Maybe the answer isn't dialogue or unity but to look at something cute and furry.

According to The Daily Beast, college campuses are offering students puppies and other playful distractions as a way to cope with their "Post Trump Stress Disorder." The University of Pennsylvania created a therapeutic space with coloring books and puppies, while University of Michigan law students enjoyed a “self-care with food and play” event with Legos and bubbles. Columbia University’s Barnard College hosted hot chocolate and coloring.

In the spirit of childlike escapism, get your dose of post-election healing with these adorable pups:



Don't Cry

Everything Will Be Okay

Take a Deep Breath

Hug Each Other

Life is Good


[Photo: Instagram]

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