Can We Stop Obsessing Over Taylor Swift's New Hair?

Taylor Swift may have platinum blonde hair now, but why do we care?

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

On this month's cover of Vogue, Taylor Swift looks like a completely different person; her eyebrows are barely there, she's rocking shaggy, platinum hair, and her style is more "edgy and editorial" than "all-American pop icon." It's a look that's completely new for the "Wildest Dreams" singer and, as is usually the case when a female celeb makes any physically noticeable change, it's caused quite a stir on the interwebs.

Honestly - can we not? Every time a famous woman switches up her look for a magazine cover, it becomes a virtual circus with everyone and their mom weighing in on whether or not she looked better before. Placing so much importance on Taylor's hair or style is a prime example of the rampant sexism female artists have to contend with - not just within the industry, but at the hands of the public as well.

Here's a short list of the amazing things Taylor Swift has achieved at only 26 years-old: she's won 10 Grammys, has sold literally millions of albums, and has maintained her place in the spotlight over the last--oh, I don't know--10 years or so. With a list of accomplishments like that under her belt, why are we focusing on her hair, again?

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