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Can You Guess How Much Celebrities Are Paid For Posting Products On Instagram?

It's definitely something to think about the next time you scroll down your IG feed...

We've all seen them. Celebrities, Instafamous models and influencers posting about random products on social media like detox tea, waist trainers and teeth whiteners. We're pretty much convinced no one is actually using this crap, so clearly, this is a quick payday.

So how much are folks like Kim and Khloe Kardashian and Kylie Jenner getting for these posts?


Mike Heller, CEO of Talent Resources, a digital marketing/advertising agency that helps put together influencer deals, tells StyleCaster that the number of followers dictates price. Working with a detox tea brand can rake up to half a million dollars! “On the lower end, there’s always going to be those people that will be at that $3,000 range,” he says. “Someone that has 200,000 followers today, three months later might have 500,000—so then they would qualify to get paid $3,000. On the higher end, the bigger names are now demanding up to $500,000.” 

Aside from followers, the brand itself may be able to negotiate a rate based on whether it's something a celebrity would like to work with. A luxury car or cosmetics brand can demand a discount price, since the influencer is likely to want to be seen with it versus something cheap or off-brand.


Luckily for us, not every celebrity is willing to sell their followers (or soul) for a paycheck. Heller says that Beyonce was offered a million dollars to run a promotion on her Facebook account but she turned it down because it didn't align with her personal brand. “We get turned down a lot, a lot of times—and we have big budgets, and they don’t care,” he says. “A lot of [celebrities] don’t believe in weight loss products. A lot of them don’t believe in certain apparel brands that they wouldn’t normally go out and buy or wear."

Something to think about the next time you scroll down your Instagram feed.

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