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Cardi B Opens Up About NYPD Chokehold Incident And Why She Won't Talk To Cops

"I ain't never talked to no 12 and even if I did talk, are they gonna even do anything about it? 

Cardi B is opening up about her claims that an NYPD officer put her in a chokehold. The rapper tweeted about the incident last week but later deleted the tweets; meanwhile, the NYPD released a statement claiming that they found no evidence of Cardi's claims.

During an interview with WEDR 99 Jamz this week, Cardi explained that the drama started during a traffic jam when another motorist hit her car's mirror. Long story short, Cardi got out and threw a water bottle at the other car, at which point the driver got out of his car. Cardi's cousin then got out of the car too and the two men "squared up." Cardi threw her shoe at the other driver, he threw it back, and the next thing she knew the cops were there and one of them had her in a chokehold.

"Out of nowhere a motherf*cker put me in a chokehold, seriously, like this, with my hand on my back like a chicken wing and I couldn't breathe. It's not even funny, like, I couldn't breathe," Cardi said. "And I couldn't believe it because there's two men that are about to square up, but you're so p*ssy you won't even hold back the men, you're gonna put the female in the chokehold."

Cardi then confirmed that the NYPD contacted her after reading her tweets but she chose not to make a statement.

"I ain't never talked to no 12 and even if I did talk, are they gonna even do anything about it? Most likely not, so why would I waste my time?" she explained.

"It's not even about me, though," she added later. "It's because the NYPD is the biggest gang in New York and that really bothers me."

Check out Cardi's take on the situation in the clip below.

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