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Cardi B Posted Her Location On Twitter And Invited Her Haters To Come Fight Her

"Cardi backing down I swear to God that's not an option."

Let it be known that Cardi B takes zero mess from anyone.

The "Bodak Yellow" rapper recently responded to trolls on Twitter by posting her location and inviting them to come fight her, BET reports. In a tweet that's since been deleted, Cardi shared the address of the restaurant she was in, and invited her haters to "come beat [her] up."

"I don't care what you think cause I still got payed and still royalty off record," she reportedly wrote. "Why do guys talk about me 247 have my name in your tweets al f*cking day. Like I got yaaa that mad for noooo reasooonnn."

She then reminded her followers that she's more concerned about her upcoming nuptials than petty internet beef, writing, "Nikka I'm worrying about making money this house me and my man buying and my wedding. You are one of the first people to comment on my video so why are you worrying about me?"

Cardi took things a step further by tweeting her exact location and literally inviting her haters to come at her.

"Anyway if anybody wanna fight I'm in 175 Saint Nicholas Ave Lola restaurant in case b*tches or n*ggas wanna fight with Gang," she wrote. "I pot something and n*ggas be the FIRST one suckin d*ck on my page. Like deum 2.5 second just watch. Get off my sh*t. Why you guys soo worry bout the Big BRIM! Watch them say they not bother under this tweet."

Cardi remains the realest. Check out her tweets, captured by The Shade Room, below.

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