Celebrate National Coffee Day With This Ridiculous Latte Art

From grumpy cat to NSFW feels-- rejoice!

By Aimée Lutkin

Latte art has gotten insane as more and more people figure out what you can do with some foam, toothpicks, and even a little food dye. Meanwhile, people across the counter are like, "Give me a cup of caffeine right now or I'm going to set this place on fire." At least some baristas have a sense of humor. This may be the best video of someone making a latte of all time:

Sometimes, it's just as good as a full meal:

Other times, it can just make you feel all fuzzy inside:

But, of course, there's always room for a healthy dose of grumpy cat:

If this pussy isn't enough to symbolize your attitude, there's always these NSFW cups of joe you could stroll on into the office with.

Like, say, this cup that is the epitome of a combo:

This super fun, good time. 

A bathing bear #latteart #baristaplusnobu #superrandom #melbournecafe #3dlatteart

A video posted by Nobumasa Shimoyama (下山 修正) (@plusnobu) on

Still, these lattes may be topped by the many, many submissions received via its Instagram account Dicklatte. Yes, it's what it sounds like:

I honestly don't care what's on top of my latte. Just get it in my mouth!

[Photo: Pinterest]

[Photo: Cats Around the Globe]

Main Photo: Pexels]

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