Celebrate National Sangria Day With These Weird (But Amazing) Recipes

Happy National Sangria Day!

Cheers, it's National Sangria Day! What's better than a day dedicated to sweet, fruity wine? We love sipping on sangria but there are so many more ways to enjoy it. From frozen pops to even soup, here are weird and wonderful recipes to get your sangria fix.

Sangria Salad


We're not sure if this counts as healthy but sangria salad needs to be on your next potluck table. My Recipes shares one that features Riesling, gelatin, and raspberries.

Boozy Popsicles


These are popsicles for grown-ups. Chef Savvy freezes fruit, juice, and booze to make sangria that's perfect on-the-go the run. Four ingredients and that's it.

Sangria Soup


Who says you can't have soup for dessert? Martha Stewart whips up this chilled dessert soup that can be made with a Beaujolais or a Valpolicella. 

Sangria Cupcakes


What's better than drinking sangria? The First Year adds sugar to make sangria cupcakes. Yes, there's wine in the icing.

Sangria Chicken


Wine and fruits often make their way into savory dishes. It's no surprise that the genius chef at How Sweet It Is realized that sangria makes a good sauce for chicken. That's right. Chicken.

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