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Celebrities Are Defending Chris Brown Left And Right

Here's what they're saying about Brown's recent run-in with the police.

Chris Brown has been embroiled in drama with a woman named Baylee Curran since Tuesday. The original story was that Curran called the police after Brown allegedly pulled a gun on her. It probably would have blown over fairly quickly if Brown had cooperated with the LAPD officers who showed up at his door, but then again, maybe not.

The police can be unpredictable and Chris Brown is a big celebrity who would attract media attention even in the middle of the night. We’ll never know for sure because Brown refused to leave the house until he was arrested when the LAPD acquired a search warrant. He was released on bail, but the drama continues.

Curran is not the squeakiest of clean characters, with a burglary rap sheet and alleged evil texts exposing her plans to ruin Brown’s life (though they’re most likely fake).

As we should know by now, there are always plenty of people willing to defend Chris Brown no matter what. Here’s a few of them:


Whatever you think of Chris Brown, he has plenty of people who don’t see any problem with anything he’s done. That’s probably his biggest issue.

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