Celebrities Pour Out Their Grief For Star Trek's Anton Yelchin

He made a lot of friends in 27 years.

By Aimée Lutkin

Anton Yelchin was probably best know as Chekhov in the J.J. Abrams reboot of Star Trek. Yelchin was only 27 when he was killed in a freak accident on Sunday at his own home. It appears that his Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo, for which the company had issued a recall, rolled down his driveway and pinned him against his mailbox. The car was recalled after drivers reportedly were unable to put it in “park” without realizing it. It was a bizarre and completely unexpected way for someone to be killed so young.

Yelchin has many devoted fans, and appeared to make friends on every set he was ever on. There was an outpouring of grief from the celebrities who knew him, including the Star Trek cast:


Star Trek:Beyond is scheduled for release this July. It will likely be a difficult time for many in the cast and crew, but a gift to be able to see Yelchin perform one more time.

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