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Celebrity Trainer Explains Exactly How To Get The "Ab Crack" Nobody Wants

Say goodbye to carbs!

The hottest summer accessory, apparently, is ab crack. That crazy, chiseled line that defines a six pack is coveted by everyone from models to celebrities (or so we're told). So, how exactly can us regular folks get it?


Celebrity trainer Joey Thurman breaks down how to get ab crack. “What you’re referring to is the linea alba,” Thurman tells StyleCaster. “This is the fibrous tissue between the abdomen that generally shows up when you are incredibly lean and have great abdominal definition.”

The key to the crack is a strict diet. Boo. “Avoid any processed carbohydrates and added sugar—so nothing from a bag, no bread, no cereal, and no sweets," says Thurman. "Also, drink lots of water, because if you don’t drink water, your body holds on to it.” 


If being carb-free wasn't enough, plan on exercising really hard and sleeping more. "Without proper sleep, your body will be inflamed," he says. "You won’t burn as much fat, you will crave more calories—and the bad ones—and your cortisol levels will be elevated, limiting any sort of fat burning."

Hey-- no pain, no gain... unless it's something as simple as a line in the middle of your stomach that you really don't need, anyway.

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