Celebs Pay Homage To Prince Via Social Media

Beyonce, Chaka Khan, Questlove, and others give thanks to one of the most influential artists of a generation.

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

The entire world is still reeling from the unexpected passing of Prince. What started out as a vicious internet rumor became all too real when it was finally confirmed that the previously unidentified person found dead at Prince's Minnesota home was indeed the man himself.

In the hours since, the world has undergone a collective mourning period. Here's a sampling of the many celebs who have used their social media platforms to pay tribute to the man, the icon, the symbol: Prince.

1. . Beyonce

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2. . Oprah Winfrey

3. . Missy Elliott

4. . Katy Perry

5. . Ciara

6. . Lenny Kravitz

7. . Chaka Khan

8. . Chuck D

9. . Big Sean

10. . Kesha

11. . Justin Timberlake

12. . Billy Idol

13. . Spike Lee

I Miss My Brother. Prince Was A Funny Cat. Great Sense Of Humor.

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14. . Shonda Rhimes

15. . Lena Dunham

16. . Ellen DeGeneres

17. . Gloria Estefan

18. . Questlove

Ok so around the time when all 7 or 8 shows were goin down MSG & Jersey, P was doing an after jawn at The D'arby on 14th I believe (could be 23rd) but NYCers that's down knew it as Nell's. Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings were on the stage and I inched my way to the VIP section. Bout 3 songs in I heard that voice: that "Chili Sauce" Uptown pimp voice most of us thought was Morris on those records (because NO WAY Prince had a sense of humor right?)----"Ohh laaaawdt! What?! Brotha is CLEEEAN! Brotha is cleannnnn!!!"----mind you most of y'all used to lego hearts and bow ties and black jackets and shirts, but America wasn't used to seeing me in a suit all that much. Much less Prince (not like I'd expect him to be watching Jimmy's show to know I'd been rocking a suit for near 2 years now) but he was baffled at me in a suit (didn't wanna be late for the show so I ran to concert in my show outfit) next thing I knew "man too sharp too sharp"---he gives m---sorry tipped me $50bucks. I laughed "huh what for?" He gave me dap and said "cause you clean!!!!!!!"----part two of that story was 10 mins later, keyboardist for #NPG @CassyQtKeys (Cassandra O'Neal) came over long faced & was like "um Ahmir that was MY per diem can I please have my $50 bucks back?" I was like "Cass, he don't do autographs, this is the closest thing to an autograph I can get! My hero just gave me dap for looking sharp! I can't give this back to you but I tell you what"---ran outside to ATM & gave her 5 $20s for understanding & letting me keep that 50. That 50 will forever hang up above my studio drumset.

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