Chanel West Coast Flies Off The Handle After Being Denied Entry To Nightclub

"You wish you could be a little white girl rapping, b*tch!"

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

No one likes being stopped at the door while trying to get into a club, but most people probably wouldn't react quite as badly as Chanel West Coast did this week.

On Monday, the rapper and her crew were denied entry into Poppy night club in West Hollywood, TMZ reports, at which point the 29-year-old promptly flipped out, berating the bouncers and yelling in the street.

"I'm way too poppin' to f*ckin' wait to get in Poppy's," she shouts in the video.

"Y'all think you the sh*t. That's why you security. You'll never be more than security, weak a*s b*tch," she continues later. "Security loves to hold down whoever the f*ck they can because they insecure about their own life. [You] wish you could be a little white girl rapping, b*tch. You wish you could spit bars like me."

Yikes. Check out their heated exchange below.

The situation might not be as cut-and-dry as it seems, though. Chanel addressed the video on Twitter yesterday, blasting gossip site Bossip for describing her actions as "whimpering" and claiming that the bouncers made some seriously shady requests that night.

"LMAO @Bossip!!! 'Entitled White Whimpering' get ya facts straight," she wrote. "I was told to 'bring my cutest friend and ditch the rest' to get in a club. Who the f*ck ditches their friends? That comment set me off. Sorry for being a real a*s b*tch & riding for my friends."

"People love to hate on me yet if they knew me they would realize I'm the realist female around," she continued in another tweet. "My friends know what's up. You blogs can continue trying to bring me down doesn't change who I really am."

You can check out Chanel's tweets on the topic below.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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