Chief Keef Fans Vandalize Home Because He Told Them To On Twitter

Chief Keef is out here ruining lives.

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

Sometimes, reality truly is stranger than fiction, and the story of how Chief Keef instructed his 1.1 million Twitter followers to vandalize someone's home - and they actually did it - is one such case.

So here's what happened: last week, the forever legally-embattled rapper Chief Keef - real name Keith Cozart - tweeted the address of a Minneapolis home and told his followers to "throw eggs and sh*t in a bag and rocks and all that at this address Ima repost it." The reason why isn't clear, but The New York Daily News reports that it may have stemmed from a fight over an online video game he may have had with a previous tenant.

Here's the really depressing part: people actually did it. Lots of people.Β 

But the people who currently live in the house - three female students - have no connection with Keef. Because of all the rippling repercussions -- one neighbor was robbed at gun point by people he claims were looking for the targeted house's residents -- the women have relocated (and have set up a campaign to raise funds). One student, identified only as Ashley, has been living in her car.

"It's really not safe to be in the neighborhood anymore," she said in an interview with Fox 9. "There's a lot of suspicious activity going on, and it's not in our best interest to put ourselves in harm's way."

There are so many questions here. Did he just pick a random address because he thinks it's fun to terrorize strangers? Who are these people doing things just because Chief Keef told them to? What kind of person commits a crime because of a tweet?

"For someone to be so influential over a million followers, it saddens me that you would take time out of our day to screw up someone else's life, and not even making sure it's the person you want to screw with," Ashley continued.

It's unclear is Keef will face criminal charges at some point. He deleted the original tweet, but it looks like the authorities are looking for him.

Good riddance.

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