Chloe Grace Moretz Reignites Feud With Kim K By Throwing Hella Shade

And what does Hillary Clinton have to do with this?

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

Actress Chloe Grace Moretz and Kim Kardashian got into on Twitter back in March, and it looks like Chloe might be holding a grudge against the reality superstar.

It all started when Kim K posted a (censored) completely nude selfie, and every celeb from Piers Morgan to Bette Midler felt the need to comment on it. Moretz joined the fray of people criticizing Kim, tweeting, "I truly hope you realize how important setting goals are for young women, teaching them we have so much more to offer than just our bodies." Kim responded with a heavy dose of shade, tweeting, "Let's all welcome @ChloeGMoretz to twitter, since no one knows who she is." And then Khloe Kardashian fired back by posting an explicit paparazzi photo of a woman she thought was Chloe (it was not).

Honestly, it was a mess, and it looks Chloe is still feeling some type of way about that entire exchange because she threw copious amounts of shade at Kimmy K during a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

"I think I gave my attention to people that didn't deserve my attention. So in some ways I think I regret giving them the attention, [though] I don't regret what I said," she said of their Twitter fight. "But also I realized that being the most opinionated and loud person in the room is not always the most impactful. I learned that from Hillary [Clinton]."

"'It's great to be feisty,' those were her exact words," she continued. "But sometimes the smartest way to get into the psyche of people is to be the quietest person in the room. Let everyone else bicker and throw their words around and then you come in with the quiet voice and that will be the most impactful."

Well, that went to an unexpected place. Fair enough, though. Hopefully this will be the end of it.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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