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Chocolate-Mauve Is The Hair Color Everyone Is Obsessing Over

Get excited for chocolate-mauve hair.

Need a hair color change for fall? Here's a hue that looks as delicious as it sounds. Chocolate-mauve hair is the color that everyone is officially obsessed about.


Chocolate-mauve is a yummy blend of brunette, mauve and pink shades. It's got both warm and cool hues and looks incredible on a variety of skin tones. Hannah Edelman, who owns Brush In Hand in Brooklyn, is attributed with creating this tasty tone. "The darkest brown started with red, yellow, and green. Then I added orange and purple and other random sh*t until I liked what I saw," she explained to Pop Sugar. "I took irregular sections of her hair, always on some kind of diagonal, and painted them. Most of them are color melted. That gave this look a subtle dimension, almost an iridescence."


Mauve may not be a color found in nature but don't freak out. "Even though the color is unnatural, following the light/dark placement that occurs naturally is always a good idea," Edelman says. The subtle blending technique is what makes chocolate-mauve look natural and really wearable.

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