Chris Brown Allegedly Had a Photographer Beaten Up


By Aimée Lutkin

Oh, Chris Brown. You'll probably never be able to cross a line that will truly end your fame. Unfortunately, too many celebrities get a pass when it comes to domestic abuse. It's frighteningly easy for people to excuse, explain away, and cast blame on anyone but the abuser. Though many long to see Chris Brown disappear from the cultural landscape, even more rush to see him perform and give him all their money. Apparently, he's outsourcing his violence now -- this time, at the expense of a photographer.


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Gossip Cop reports that a photographer named Mychal Watts was allegedly roughed up on Chris Brown's orders during a party in Florida, where he was hired to take photographs. Weirdly, the pictures are now on Getty to view, and Brown looks like he was having a pretty fun time before he allegedly demanded a man get beaten up. Brown also shared the photo of himself pointing right down the barrel of Watts’ camera on Instagram, so whatever he did or did not do, he's proud of it!

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In Watt's police report, it says that his $1,200 lens was broken when a bodyguard pushed him against a wall. Watts had been hired to take the photos by a company called WizPack, and was snapping a shot of Brown, R&B singer Tank, and former NFL star Warren Sapp. Watts says that right before the alleged attack, Brown yelled, "You're done."

Brown, of course, denies the accusations, though he did bounce shortly after the attack. Guess hitting and running is, ahem, kind of his thing.

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