Chris Brown And Tyson Beckford Are Beefing Over Karrueche Tran

Tyson just threw some major shade Chris's way.

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

Be honest: did you even know that Chris Brown and model Tyson Beckford were beefing? Well, they are, and it all started back in May, when Tyson and Chris's ex-girlfriend Karrueche Tran hung out together over Memorial Day weekend and posted the proof on Instagram. After Chris found it, he and Tyson engaged in a a rapidly-escalating exchange of barbs over social media, with Chris threatening to break Tyson's legs and Tyson posting a very pointed video of himself shooting a gun.

Chris later apologized, and when Tyson accepted, the beef was seemingly squashed. That is, until Tyson decided to stir things up again. For reasons unknown, Tyson decided to throw some shade Chris's way while hosting a party at Atlantic City (drunk maybe?): "At 38,000 ft, I can't hear what you're saying on the sidewalk."

He didn't stop there: "When you're someone who's at my level and you realize someone else is not really all there, you just say 'You know what, I'm just going to let you slide because I realize you're not all there."

Hopefully things don't get as ugly and near-violent as they did last time. Chris, for his part, has yet to respond.

Here's Tyson throwing new shade on the gossip outlet GoToWhitney. 

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