Chris Brown Blasted Tinashe For Defending Kehlani

He calls her a "hobbit." 

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

Another day, another Chris Brown rant. According to BossipChris was not too happy when singer Tinashe defended Kehlani (with whom Chris has very public issues) in an interview, so he decided to go on social media to make his thoughts known. 

"I hope she talked about "HER" career for most of this interview," he said about Tinashe. He then referred to the singer--who he's collaborated with professionally--as a "hobbit".

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For the fans shaking their heads, Chris isn't apologetic. "I have no filter nor will I care or tone it down when people drop my name in something. Don't wanna see it, simply exit out of your device," he tweeted later. "I won't pull the cover over your eyes and be politically correct. That's not me, HATE IT OR LOVE IT. When I turn my phone off NO ONE MATTERS."

Tell 'em how you really feel, Chris.

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