Chris Brown Filmed Himself Freestyling While Sitting On The Toilet (Video)

Yeah, that happened.

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8 Facts About Chris Brown

You never know where you'll be when inspiration strikes, right? Just ask Chris Brown. The "Party" rapper recently surprised fans by filming himself dropping a freestyle while also, um, dropping something else.

The short black-and-white clip begins with Brown rapping before he pans down to show that he is, in fact, sitting on the toilet with his pants down. To be fair, though, the lyrics were kind of a dead giveaway.

"Ooh, b*tch, what it is?/F*ck it up, gon' take a sh*t," he says. "Oh God, what it is?/F*ck it up, gon' take a sh*t./Hope the water don't touch my d*ck./Hope the water don't touch my d*ck."

Probably a good idea that he left that one off the album. You can check out Breezy's bathroom recording session below.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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