Chris Brown Is Mad AF At You For Not Buying His New Album

"I just demand my respect as an entertainer." 

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

Twitter has given us a lot to be thankful for this year.

Chris Brown is the latest celeb to use Twitter to let the general public know just how he really, really, really feels. CB's latest album, Royalty, dropped on December 18, and apparently the singer isn't too pleased with his sales numbers, especially since he dropped the streaming price to $4.99. He went on a huge rant about fake fans and album sales - or, what he views as a lack thereof.

According to B. Scott, Chris posted, then later deleted, the following quote onto Instagram.

After throwing shade at fans via Insta, he then hopped on Twitter.

Sounds innocent enough, right? In the tweets that followed, Chris got a little more vocal about his frustrations, and he later deleted the posts altogether.

"Every one who follows me and has fake pages being fake supporters is a lil bogus. BUYMYST," read one tweet, which was followed by the claim that he works "3 times harder" than any of his peers.

A bold statement, but he wasn't finished there. "Name 1 person who directs and writes his whole video ideas, dance, sing, paint, Etc.???" he wrote, before bringing it home with "I just demand my respect as an entertainer."

Well, it looks like someone was having a bad day. Could it be because in their review of his latest album, Complex called it a "directionless mess"? That'd be enough to sour anyone's mood.

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