Chris Brown Reportedly Threatened Karrueche's Best Friend, Suffers Consequences

2017 is not looking good for the crooner...

By Aimée Lutkin

While Chris Brown isn’t exactly held up as a model of virtue and restraint, the recent allegations against him are much more disturbing than they’ve been in awhile. His ex-girlfriend Karrueche Tran recently filed a restraining order against him, stating he has punched her in the stomach twice and has threatened her life multiple times. Brown has an extremely possessive view of women, and those sorts of men often try to control the women in their lives with violence. This is made even clearer by Brown’s recent actions against Karrueche’s best friend, Joseph Ryan La Cour.

TMZ reports that La Cour was just awarded a restraining order against Brown as well. Apparently, the two of them have had confrontations at parties in the past when La Cour attempted to stand between him and Karrueche. At Diddy’s Superbowl party, Brown allegedly said stuff like, “It's 2017 ... Ima f*** you up every time I see you so you better get the f*** out of here before I lay your ass out." Around that same time, Brown posted a couple videos to Instagram in which he says in a joking tone that he’s a stalker and if he can’t have a woman no one can. Ha ha?

La Cour has also said he thinks Brown sent men with gang affiliations after him, though there’s no details on what happened next. A judge has told Brown he has to stay at least a football field away from Karrueche’s bff. Let’s see how many more people need to get a restraining order against brown to get this lady some peace.

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