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Chris Brown Straight Up Ran Away When He Was Served Papers For Assault

He's quick on his feet.

After Chris Brown hit Rihanna, his public image took a nosedive. The people in his personal life may have been less surprised. For example, Mike G, a man who was hired to rehabilitate Brown’s brand. It has more or less worked out for Brown—he still makes music, has fans, and many defenders. He also still gets a lot of attention whenever he does anything remotely negative. Which he does, frequently. In fact, Mike G has alleged that Chris Brown beat him up, punching him in the face and neck and sending him to the ER.

Brown has said that those accusations are a bunch of bull, and he fired Mike G for stealing money from him. Which just led to Mike G adding a defamation charge to his lawsuit.

Unfortunately for Mike G, to sue Chris Brown, he needs to be served with papers. many years of avoiding exactly that has made Brown pretty quick. TMZ is reporting that a court official attempted to give the documents to Brown at a charity basketball game on September 11, but someone in his entourage slapped them out of her hand as Brown ran away. That’s a pretty effective strategy for avoiding the law if you can afford friends willing to do the dirty work.

It may be awhile before Mike G can seek justice.

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