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Chris Brown Threatened Drake After Basketball Game Drama

Drake Night didn't go so hot.

On Wednesday, the Toronto Raptors played the Golden State Warriors, and the evening was themed as “Drake Night” because Drake is one of the first things people think of in relation to Canada.


He still does not play basketball professionally though, if you were wondering, and the whole thing seems to have rubbed some actual ball players the wrong way, specifically the Warriors’ Kevin Durant. According to Hollywood Life, in a post game interview, Drake literally bumped into him on camera, in a move that seems pretty deliberate to me. Moments later Durant is asked about the night’s theme and he says, “I don't give a damn 'bout no Drake night!”


Okay, tell us how you really feel.

Instagram account Balleralert captured Chris Brown doing exactly that. In the comments, he wrote, “ON PIIIIIIIIRUUUUUUUU!!!!! EASTSIDE 500blk on da FINGERS.”

That’s a reference to a Bloods gang in Compton and also throwing up gang signs. Guess he agrees with Durant? This would also be somewhat threatening if these guys didn’t look petty as f*ck on camera. Brown is probably just mad about Rihanna. Get away from these guys, Riri, you’re better than this!

Meanwhile, Drake is still romancing reporter Doris Burke.

Brown probably won’t fight him over her, so that’s good.

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