Chris Brown Went Ballistic At A Fitness Center And Now He's Banned For Life

There was spitting involved.

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

Does a day ever go by where there isn't more Chris Brown drama to report? CB took a break from beefing with Soulja Boy over social media (and training for their upcoming fight) to earn himself a permanent ban from Life Time fitness center by going ballistic on one of the managers in NYC.

According to TMZ, Chris and his friends were being a bit too loud on the basketball court, playing loud music and hurling insults and swear words at each other. After other members complained, a manager went over and asked them to tone it down, and that's when Chris allegedly went off on her, screaming and swearing. Unsurprisingly, the manager then asked them to leave, and Chris obliged, but not before spitting on the door on his way out, one witness claims.

Now, TMZ reports that all the ruckus has earned CB a lifetime ban from Life Time fitness center's more than 100 locations. A representative from the company reported that Brown's behavior toward staff was completely unacceptable.

Also? They probably just don't like it when people spit on their doors. Just saying.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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