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Chris Brown Went On TV To Explain The Messy Gun Incident With The Ex-Beauty Queen

He maintains his innocence against Baylee Curran as the evidence mounts.

Chris Brown went on the Today Show this morning to address the insane circus that took place at his mansion in Los Angeles last week, when a former beauty queen named Baylee Curran ran into the street and called the cops. In her call (and since) she’s insisted that Chris Brown pulled a gun on her when she was admiring some jewelry. Oddly enough, Curran has a rap sheet of her own - for stealing - and her story isn’t looking good.

Brown spent the day following the 911 call refusing entry to the LAPD. They eventually acquired a search warrant, arrested him, and he was released on a $250,000 bail. In this clip from the Today Show he maintains his innocence, of course, and also seems psyched to see Curran get her comeuppance:

It’s a little weird that the Today Show reported on the alleged texts sent by Curran, and actually recreating them for the gullible at home. While Curran is definitely a shady character, it would be too stupid to text your plans to set someone up and TMZ reported that they were likely fake. Honestly, no matter how much I hear about this story, I still don’t like anyone on either side!

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