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Chris Brown's Accuser Is Wanted For Grand Larceny In NYC

Baylee Curran, who accused Brown of pulling a gun on her, is a criminal theft suspect in NYC.

The Chris Brown saga just gets more and more twisted.

Unless you've been living under a rock, you've probably heard about Brown's stand-off with a SWAT team, which was kicked off by a report from a woman claiming that Chris Brown pulled a gun on her.

Well, TMZ is reporting that the alleged victim - model/actress Baylee Curran - is wanted in NYC for questioning in connection with a criminal theft case. According to their sources, Curran allegedly stole a designer purse during an incident at a hotel and is now a suspect of grand larceny.

The theft reportedly took place back in 2013, when Curran was vacationing with friends at The Plaza Hotel when she and her crew got into an argument. According to police reports, Curran snatched a Louis Vuitton purse from one of the girls - valued at $1k - and bolted. The purse allegedly contained a couple hundred dollars in cash and a Michael Kors wallet. Curran was chased by security, and she reportedly dropped the purse but kept the contents (somehow).

The ex-friend was later granted a restraining order against Curran, and Curran is liable to be picked up by cops in NYC for questioning if they find her in the city. Meanwhile, Curran's rep claims she had no idea she was wanted for questioning, and it was the ex-friend who did the thieving, not her.

What a mess.

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