Chris Brown's Accuser Walked To One Of His Songs During A Beauty Pageant

Yikes, this is uncomfortable.

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

Well, this is awkward. Remember Baylee Curran, the woman who accused Chris Brown of pulling a gun on her last month? As her story goes, she was at his house admiring his jewelry when he flipped out and threatened her. After she called the authorities, Brown and the cops got into an hours-long stand-off before he was eventually arrested (and then released on bail after being charged with assault with a deadly weapon).

That was dramatic enough, but then it came out that Curran was wanted for grand larceny and had possibly set Brown up. And then Brown came out with a super shady t-shirt aimed at Curran.

Well, the saga isn't over just yet. Curran recently competed in the Miss Greater Inland Empire Pageant, and TMZ reports that, in an awkward twist of fate, Curran ended up walking the catwalk to a Chris Brown song. The DJ and the pageant director both claim it was just a coincidence that CB's "Don't Wake Me Up" was playing when it was Curran's turn to strut on stage, though.

TMZ's sources also claim that Curran "stormed out early" after failing to place in the competition. Watch the video of Curran competing in the evening gown portion of the competition - and the CB song in the background - below.

[Photo: Instagram, Getty Images]

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