Chris Brown's Lamborghini Was Found Totaled By A Mysterious Driver

They apparently fled the scene...

By Aimée Lutkin

When he’s not starting fights with Soulja Boy or Aziz Ansari or Drake or almost anyone who crosses his path, Chris Brown likes driving large, loud vehicles in an irresponsible manner. Chris Brown has quite a car collection, which until very recently included a $500,000 Lamborghini Aventador. Not anymore.

TMZ reports that the car was found totaled in Beverly Hills early on Tuesday morning. The Lamborghini is registered to Brown, but when it was discovered there was no one around to take responsibility for the crash. Presumably, they survived whatever happened and stumbled away. Brown reportedly allows his friends to drive his cars, so it could have been anyone, though it may be that only Brown and the culprit will ever know.

The photos are proof that whoever was in the car could seriously be hurt; you can see them over on TMZThankfully no one else was injured, so police are calling it a “low priority investigation.” Meaning, sorry not sorry ‘bout your car, Chris.

[Photo: Getty]

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