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Chrissy Teigen And John Legend Just Revealed All The Public Places They've Had Sex

"That Obama thing" is among the locations.

So much for having a filter. John Legend and Chrissy Teigen are probably the most candid couple in Hollywood, and their latest revelation is all about their affinity for getting it on in public places, The Stir reports.

During a visit to Watch What Happens Live, Chrissy and John opened up about their sex life after host Andy Cohen brought up the time they had sex during a Barack Obama campaign event back in 2007. (A campaign event that was not being held at the White House, John wanted to make very clear.)

While they debated on where exactly they did it (Chrissy says bathroom, John says dressing room), they had no problem listing lots of other places they've had sex, like the clothing store Fred Segal and on a plane, under a blanket in commercial first class.

Intrigued? Hear all about John and Chrissy's sexcapades in the clip below.

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