Chrissy Teigen Clapped Back At Trump's Racist Tweet & Won (Most Of) The Internet

Of course, she responded to some haters, too.

By Eric Shorey

Out of all the voices emerging to resist against the semi-sentient poisonous miasma named Donald TrumpChrissy Teigen has become one of the loudest and most unexpected. Teigen's latest clapback against Trump's neverending Twitter presence has all of social media (well, maybe not all) snapping with approvals.

Here's the Trump tweet in question:

And here's Teigen's retort:

Needless to say, many were happy to see Trump get trashed:

And Teigen continued to slay when the haters came out to play:

Although her disdain for the current president is perfectly clear, it was just last night that Teigen found herself confused by last night's season finale of sports:

Fair question, though. Not like I know the answer.

h/t: Buzzfeed

[Photos: Getty Images]

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