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Chrissy Teigen Does Not Care That You Saw Her Nipple At The Super Bowl

Have you learned nothing?

Chrissy Teigen had so much fun at the Super Bowl that she needed to go on a juice cleanse, saying she smelled like “hot dogs.”

She did eat plenty of hot dogs at the game, according to social media:

And I’m guessing from this video, some alcohol was also involved:

Pretty normal way to celebrate the Big Game. Another Super Bowl tradition that Teigen kept up was a the obligatory wardrobe malfunction. One very determined creep got a few blurry seconds of Teigen’s nipple coming out to watch some football and captioned it with, Ummm the press box ain’t save you,” like the condescending pervert he is:

Most people would probably not have seen this, except Teigen retweeted it, writing “boom goes the dynamite” for her followers:

Maybe I’m jaded, but seeing a nipple through a mesh shirt is not “dynamite.” Teigen was probably being sarcastic. She’s definitely done racier photo shoots and has even attempted to show her nipples on Instagram—they just won’t let her! Also, Teigen's last wardrobe malfunction was way riskier and she still didn't GAF then, so...

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