Chrissy Teigen Owns 'Marie Claire' After They Call Her Drunk Night "Goal-Worthy"

When a compliment backfires.

By Eric Shorey

All hail the new Queen of the Clapback: Chrissy Teigen! The supermodel has been owning everyone on social media from Donald Trump to random trolls (same thing though, I guess), but this week she's got a new target in her sights: Marie Claire magazine.

Here's the T: Marie Claire published an article with the headline "John Legend Taking Off a Tipsy Chrissy Teigen's Jewelry Is the Most Goal-Worthy Thing Ever" — and while the sentiment was certainly sweet, Teigen took offense to her life's banalities being considered "goal-worthy."

And here's another Classic Teigan Clapback™ as a response to the ridiculous article, which claimed that women should "Get you a man who can do both. (Deal with you both sober and drunk, in case you didn't get that)":

Yeah, we're on #TeamTeigan here. Marie Claire's "goal" is actually just basic human decency. If your man ain't kind enough to help get you out of geish at the end of a night of drankin', dump his ass.

The real goal-worthy aspiration here is to be as sassy and righteous as Teigan is on social media.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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