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Chrissy Teigen Taunts Us All With Her Fry-Eating Workout Routine

...And incredible bod.

Love Advent Calendar is the horniest way to countdown to Christmas every year. Beautiful ladies get a couple minutes to undulate in front of the camera, and directors get a chance to flaunt their stuff. Actually, everyone is flaunting their stuff, as you can clearly see in Chrissy Teigen’s Love Advent video, directed by Doug Inglish and released on Friday. It opens with Arnold Schwarzenegger lecturing us all on how to get swole, then switches over to Teigen who is working the middle till it hurts a little. But it’s a trick, you see, because she’s not working out her perfect body, she’s eating fries and drinking wine. Don’t tease me, Chrissy!

First of all, can you believe this woman’s had a baby? And can you believe her workout routine consists of consuming twice the calories she’s burning and no workout bra? The answers are no, no, and no. Except, yes, she really did have a baby. Genetics are a hell of a thing.

[Photo: YouTube]

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