Chrissy Teigen Went Off When A Reporter Said Racist Stuff About John Legend


By Aimée Lutkin

Racism is alive and kicking in the United States of America, and not even being a huge celebrity can protect you from it. In fact, it often makes you a bigger target than ever. Chrissy Teigen shared a recent experience where she was surprised by some hideous remarks from a paparazzi videographer about her husband, John Legend. Paparazzi are generally pretty rude, but her story is next level.

On Thursday afternoon she tweeted, “Paparazzi at JFK just asked me ‘if we evolved from monkeys, why is John Legend still around?' - and people wonder why celebs lose it in pics.”

She continued in a little tweetstorm, “I was very kind. Answered cooking questions, then he came with that. Fucking disgusting. Also, john is right next to me. The balls. Guess we'll find him when he puts the video out. That he edits the shit out of since he didn't get clocked.”

She also says she wasn’t the only one targeted by this particular vile monster. She added, “He also went from ‘what's an easy recipe to make at home’ to ‘if a Jew were a vampire, would he still be afraid of crosses?’”

It feels like we shouldn’t be surprised at this point by anything a paparazzi says or does to get some kinda story, but there’s enough ugliness floating around without drumming some more up just for a clip. Besides, we have plenty of REAL goss.

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