Ciara And Russell Wilson Gush Over Their New Sex Life On Snapchat

The Wilsons confirm the obvious.

By Aimée Lutkin

Ciara and Russell Wilson are finally married, and you know what that means. No, not an end to the drama between Ciara and Future - her defamation suit rages on in courtIt means they finally get to boink!

You know, I was feeling like we’re all tawdry and nosey for caring so much about Ciara and Russell’s decision to abstain from sex until marriage. Lots of people do that and it’s not really anyone’s business. Sure, they told us all about it, but  it still feels gross to be hanging outside their virtual windowsill wondering what’s going on in the Honeymoon Suite. But then they put this on Snapchat:

Okay! Ciara and Russell Wilson sure want us to know they had the sex. They’re both acting like high school sophomores bragging to their buds about getting laid. In that case, I feel free to wonder about their escapades without any guilt.

Sheesh. Newlyweds.

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