Ciara Is Afraid That Future Will Murder Her Fiance Russell Wilson

As crazy as it sounds, she has proof.

By Jazzi Johnson

According to TMZCiara just added documents to her defamation suit that hint towards fears of a serious threat from her rapper superstar ex, Future. The documents detail "frightening" threats of physical bodily harm from the father of her child towards her football star fiance Russell Wilson.

She cites both a tweet from the "Jumpman" crooner that shows gun emojis pointed towards football emojis, and lyrics from a song called "Juice" that alludes to the same thing. "Tryna f*ck my baby mama, dog what's up with you? / You gon' make me get that heat, I'm pulling up on you," Future raps.

Ciara refers to the threats as "socially irresponsible," referring to the "recent rash of gun violence" as a reason why she would not take them lightly. And I certainly don't blame her. See the tweet via Media Take Out, and the song in reference below.

It looks like Ciara's lawsuits go deeper than we thought. It's one thing to fight about custody of your child, it's another to be escaping violent threats.

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