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Ciara Just Took A Major Loss To Future In Court

Ciara just hit a major setback in her $15 million lawsuit against her ex.

Future and Ciara's legal battle is still ongoing - yes, still. Ciara filed a $15 million lawsuit against the rapper back in February, alleging that her ex's malicious tweets and constant slandering of her following their breakup was damaging her brand.

Since then, the couple has been in and out of court, and it doesn't look to be ending any time soon; TMZ reports that Ciara just took a major hit in her case. A judge ruled that Future's tweets about his ex aren't libelous, so Cici will have to provide more evidence of how Future's antics have significantly damaged her career.

Just in case you missed the first half of this circus: Future put his Twitter fingers to work early this year, calling Ciara a "b***h" who has "control problems" and alleging that she was keeping their son away from him. Statements from Ciara's lawyers later leaked, and in them it was revealed that, following his visits with his father, Baby Future's clothes were often returned to Ciara smelling of "weed and urine." And don't even get started on Future's issues with Ciara's husband Russell Wilson.

It's been a mess, and the war is far from over; TMZ reports that there are still counts of libel and distortion levied at Future, so only time will tell how this will really play out.

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