Cool Down This Summer With Some Beef Popsicles

Beef-broth popsicles are here

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

Ice cream is no longer the king of summertime. Cool treats like shaved ice and artisanal gelato are giving the modest cone a run for its money. Add beef popsicles to that list.

Springbone Kitchen, a health-food restaurant in New York City, has introduced popsicles made from beef-broth. Despite its name, the pop isn't stew on a stick exactly. “It’s a little bit sweet,” says Springbone's founder, Jordan Feldman, to NY Post. The popsicle features one-third of a cup of broth along with coconut milk, pomegranate juice, raspberry puree and maple sugar. 


Now, why would a sane person suck on frozen beef broth? Health benefits. Feldman says "the collagen-packed liquid" helped him heal from a knee injury. “I was pretty much sold at this point."

Pick up your beef pop for $4.


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