Covergirl's First Male Spokesperson Suggested That All Of Africa Has Ebola

And when the internet came for him, he made it worse...

By Eric Shorey

This is why we can't have nice things: following widespread celebration over Covergirl's decision to hire a young, male spokesperson, the new company mascot has already embarrassed himself on social media after insinuiating that all of Africa has Ebola.

Here's the tweet that got the young James Charles in trouble:

"I can't believe were going to Africa today omg what if we get Ebola?" wrote the 17-year-old makeup artist in a tweet.

The Tweet quite obviously evoked a lot of anger in people, leading Charles to quickly delete it and a few other impulsive reactions to the situation (screenshots via Affinity Magazine):

Affinity was asked to take down their article on the subject but refused:

Eventually James offered a more thorough apology, although it was still filled with some pretty big mistakes — including calling Africa a country:

Covergirl eventually released a statement on the situation: "James Charles’ tweet does not represent COVERGIRL’s perspective. We agree his statements were inappropriate but appreciate that he has issued an apology. We are an inclusive brand and respect all people and cultures," they said.

While it looks like James is keeping his job for now, we wouldn't be too surprised to see him get the chop in the near future.

[Photo: Instagram]

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