Crazy Halloween Makeup You Have To See To Believe

Trick-or-treat! Get ready for Halloween with these crazy looks.

It's just days away from Halloween and dressing up isn't only for kids or celebrities. Grown folks are getting into the spirit with elaborate makeup, costumes, and epic transformations. Here are seven crazy looks from Instagram that we're officially obsessed with.

Day of the Dead


One of the most popular costumes celebrates Day of the Dead. Both scary and pretty, we see why women love this look.



The witch is one costume that never goes out of style. Thanks to talented makeup artists, the modern witch has been upgraded from smearing cheap, green face paint into a truly terrifying look.

Harley Quinn


Pop culture has a huge influence on Halloween costumes. After Suicide Squad, expect a lot of Harley Quinn impersonators running around this year.

I'm Melting


Whether you want to be melting ice cream or melting Barbie, this cool special effect looks hard but it's easy to do right at home. 



Can you feel the stretch? This contorted face looks painful and awesome.

Kitty Cat


Every woman has been a cat for Halloween at one point or another. Wear all black and throw on some ears. It's the best last-minute costume for a reason.

Space Girl



Glitter and colorful freckles. Galaxy makeup is out of this world. 

[Photo: Instagram]

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