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Critics Accused Misty Copeland Of Photoshopping Her Waist, But She Schools Them All

Misty promptly proved that her body is as awesomely sick as you think it is.

Um, hello! Misty Copeland is currently the most phenomenal ballerina on the big stage, crowned as the first African-American principal dancer for the American Ballet Theater. Not only has she proven to us that she's morally and politically conscious of what her accomplishments mean for POC, but also how sickeningly fit her body is.

To promote photographer's book that includes images of her, she posted the photographer's IG name "@greggdelmanphoto" and the photo below.


Before she knew it, she was facing a bunch of criticism for spreading work that promoted the altering of women's body-size. "Ummmm photoshop much?!" wrote one. "Misty is gorgeous and strong and athletic and real. But the stomach part of this picture looks altered. She's a #rolemodel" commented another. "You are a true beauty but this photo has been altered unnecessarily," replied a third, including many others similarly. There are other comments too, defending the pro-dancer, but for some time the criticism outweighed the compliments.

As a body-positive woman who fought for her place in ballet with bigger breasts, thighs, and muscles than the elites, it's no surprise that the outspoken ballerina decided to stick up for herself.

"The positive body image that is shown throughout is a healthy one and what I stand for," Misty began. "The image on the left was photoshopped to smooth out my leotard. No altering was done to my body. I'm happy and proud of my body and would never participate in changing it."

In fact, you can tell that her waist remains #snatched - with or without Photoshop.


As Black Girl Long Hair points out, Copeland also spoke on the structure of a ballerina's body while talking about her fitness regime to NY Mag: “I don’t think people understand all that it takes to create a ballerina body," she said. "This craft is structured in a way where you really don’t have to do other things. When I’m in my off seasons I’ll do other cross trainings, but when I’m in season I’m in ballet class every day, rehearsing for eight hours. The ballet technique is so smart and beautiful and for hundreds of years it has been able to create strong bodies that look beautiful all on its own. Off season, I take Pilates floor mat classes, Gyrotonic on the Reformer, and run on the elliptical machine for cardio — I don’t use any resistance because I tend to bulk up quickly.”

I mean, really, if you've ever had any doubt about the amazing body she has, all you have to do is scroll down her Instagram for 2.5 seconds.


What is there to question??? Also, stop questioning women's bodies! 

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