Crocs On The Runway? Le Gasp!

Bedazzled Crocs just made their runway debut at London Fashion Week.

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

Say it ain't so! The fashion world has been known to introduce some weird trends on the runway under the guise of being "high fashion," but we may have just reached a new low. Designer Christopher Kane's spring/summer 2017 fashion show featured something no one would ever have expected to see on the runway during London Fashion Week: Crocs.

Yes, Crocs - those clunky, plastic shoes that are best known for being uber comfy but unforgivably ugly. Kane may have tried to dress them up by bedazzling them - adding "precious mineral stones" and introducing marbled patterned crocs - but there's no way to pretty this one up. Crocs will always look like, well, Crocs.


Are you a fan of Kane's reimagined crocs, or is this one trend that's doomed to be a "fashion don't" forever?

[Photo: Getty Images]


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