Customers Are Complaining That Kylie Jenner's Eyeshadows Are Causing Headaches

They've compared the smell of the products to paint thinner and spray paint.

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

Kylie Jenner may have narrowly avoided a lawsuit last month, but it looks like her company, Kylie Cosmetics, has just found itself in even more hot water.

TMZ reports that a number of customers who have purchased Kylie's Royal Peach Palette have been complaining of "chemical-induced headaches." According to their sources, within the past two weeks, over a dozen people have filed complaints with the Better Business Bureau regarding the recently re-released palette, claiming that the products smell of "chemicals and glue" when opened and have caused "horrible headaches." The smell has been compared to "spray paint" or "paint thinner," and allegedly was so bad that one customer had to leave the package outside of her home.

According to the BBB, Kylie's company launched an investigation and found that the smell was being caused by an adhesive in the packaging. They insist that the product itself is safe to use, and the BBB tells TMZ that there have been fewer complaints this week. At present time, it's unclear if Kylie's company is planning to change the packaging.

Meanwhile, Kylie Cosmetics' Instagram page — specifically, posts about the Royal Peach Palette — is being flooded with complaints, refund requests, and angry customers demanding answers.

"It's horrible. I can't even use mine. The palette smells like old motor oil," one user wrote, while another added, "Fix my chemical palette or refund me!"

Kylie Cosmetics has yet to respond publicly to this latest controversy, but it should be noted that the BBB also gave Kylie Cosmetics an F-rating last year. Looks like the same may happen again...

[Photo: Getty Images, Instagram]

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